12 Cool Ways to Deal With What Might be a Midlife Crisis, Part 5

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Here are the final ways to handle some midlife turmoil, starting with something I’m just getting into. Yes, my second book is being formulated in my right brain as you read this 😉

9. Start Writing

Many people find that they start to think about their childhood and days long gone when they go through this stage in their life. Why not start writing down those memories, or experiment with writing short stories based on your life experience. I can guarantee that no one can or ever will write just like you. Sharing or expressing all the thoughts and memories whirling around your head can be a wonderful, therapeutic way of exploring yourself and your imagination.

10. Make Some Foreign Friends

You’ve done everything you could ever want to do with your current set of friends? No wonder you’re craving some new experiences. Shaking yourself out of the boredom of everyday life with some new foreign friends is one way to delight your mind and spirit. If there is just no way to travel, this is an even more important one for you. It might accompany language lessons, becoming a tourist in your own city, socializing in new bars or other locations and a hundred laughs as you stumble to express yourself in a very cute way or misunderstand what people are saying to you. Go in with a spirit of adventure and an open mind.

11. Get in Shape

No one enjoys looking in the mirror and being displeased with the person looking back at them. While getting in shape and exercise should never be about achieving perfection or wanting to be someone else, it can be a lovely way of staying healthy, having someone hot look back at you in the dressing room, improving your self-esteem, meeting new people and having fun playing a sport or setting goals and breaking personal records. It’ll certainly smooth out the bumps in the midlife ride. Belly dancing class, anyone?

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12. Get on a Dating Website

If you are actually single or divorced, you might have thought about doing this for a while, but thought it wasn’t a very romantic or natural way of meeting new people.

I know one European divorcee who (is not going through a midlife crisis but certainly a big change, and…) has just left her husband after almost a decade. She has met some great fellas online, for all sorts of occasions 😉

I know another divorced man in his 50s who meets women through dating sites, on the street, at the market in the town he lives in, and has a great time dating Latin women.

If he gets to know them and it doesn’t work out, no harm done. He’s currently getting fit, dreaming of the prospect of dating a Cuban divorcee while he works out on his exercise bike in front of his flat screen.

Can a midlife crisis be fun? Yep!

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