12 Cool Ways to Deal With What Might be a Midlife Crisis, Part 4

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We’re only halfway done here! There are so many cool ways of dealing with a midlife crisis. Here are a couple more (that I’ve certainly tried).

7. Start Your Own Business

Because if you haven’t every tried it once, you’ll definitely regret that! Now I want to be careful here, because this isn’t for everyone. If you’re not very self-motivated, you’re a procrastinator, you freak out at very thought of not having a stable and predictable income, or you don’t have a dream that will get you through the bad times, you could start your own business, but it might not turn out very well!

So getting some advice from someone who you respect and knows a lot about this sort of thing can really do wonders, before you jump in and don’t get much out of it. Also, there’s no reason why you can’t have some fun actually doing something you like, when you want , alongside your day job. It could be as simple as setting yourself up as a consultant part time.

And with all of that aside, running your own business can be extremely fulfilling, financially rewarding and can add some real juice to life.

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8. Get Creative in the Bedroom

……..speaking of juice….

Now the regular articles on midlife crises won’t go here, and that’s a shame, because this is a fun topic, and very useful, thank you very much!

Imagine for a second that you have been with someone for twenty years. You might be able to imagine this very well, because you’ve lived it. You have done all the things you think your partner likes, except the things you’re not willing to do (but there was that time, when you’d had a little too much to drink, when you did meander into that territory. Am I right?). And after a while, it gets a little humdrum, shall we say, doing the same thing all the time. Seeing the same shapes and colors moving in the same directions at the same speeds, as it were. Terrible! –not that you don’t love that person very much.

But what if I told you that there are studies that have been done that show that couples who’ve been together for a long time can inject a whole extra-large syringe of party juice into their sex lives and re-spark, re-ignite and revive their relationship relatively simple?

Cue Dr. Terri Orbuch, who has been studying the love and relationship patterns of literally thousands of people for the past 28 years. She is a professor of sociology at Oakland University, a research professor at the Institute for Social Research at University of Michigan and the project director of a 27-year study on marriage, divorce and re-partnering. Heard of her before?

Well, in this TEDx talk, she discusses the difference between love and lust, and how you can bring that lust and passion right back in when the candle that you thought would burn for decades seems like it’s gone out forever.

She says that you need to reinsert the element of surprise and mystery into your relationship: go and do crazy new things together (skydive!); roleplay and have the female in your relationship wear new lingerie; take your partner on a treasure hunt with little notes left around the city. According to research, any arousal-inducing activity you do together can transfer right into your relationship, and that doesn’t just mean what you do in the bedroom. The above activities, exercise, watching a comedy show or a scary movie and riding a rollercoaster are all examples of ways you can bring your love and lust back, and nurture it.    Check Out my Part 5 Post of 12 Cool Ways to Deal with………….  Next Week!

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