12 Cool Ways to Deal With What Might be a Midlife Crisis, Part 3

And speaking of getting your rocks off….let’s talk about boats!

3. Buy a Boat

If you know me, you’d have expected this one, of course. But it’s not just me that thinks there’s something irresistibly magic and romantic about buying your very own boat—and preferably living in it. That should really be in the title, here. But not everyone’s family wants to live on a boat. They may need some gentle, planned and well-thought-out convincing 😉

If you’re not sure how much it costs to live on your sailboat in the Caribbean, I wrote all about it in January, 2016. Also check out my upcoming book, soon to be released. It’s all about the sailing lifestyle, and there’s a long section on taking your family with you when you sail off into that awesome sunset!

4. Get Some Image Advice from a Consultant

I laughed a whole bunch as I leafed through the various articles on men who are going through a midlife crisis and the clothes they can find themselves wearing. I shouldn’t laugh. It’s mean. But if only they got some advice from an image consultant! And as hilarious as that might sound, I bumped into a friend recently that was telling me all about her work as an image consultant and personal shopper. Not only can you dress classy, or younger, or whatever you’re going for, you can still keep your own identity. So you’re a better version of you. Isn’t that what this midlife crisis thing should be about? Moving ahead and creating a new you that makes you feel great about yourself—men and women alike.

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5. Go Back to College, Online

Now here is an idea that I really respect. Learning and feeding your mind can almost be as inspiring and fulfilling as travelling the world and exploring our earth. Maybe even more so, for some people!

Back in the day, it would have been super awkward to roll up to your local educational institution, and join the kids in class. But these days, you can do a master’s online, or study part-time through the web.

This could be key to following your dreams in a sustainable way—one that doesn’t rock the foundation of your family member’s lives or “disappear” one of the family’s incomes overnight because you quit your job. It can be real tempting during these midlife phases.

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6. Travel the World

Here’s my favorite method of dealing with your midlife dream and identity explosion: go home, pack up everything, say a casual bye-bye to all your family, friends and acquaintances, and—with passport and plane ticket around the world in hand—becoming invisible for months on end. Irresponsible?

I know, that you know, that it depends how you do it. Sometimes it’s urgent, and more boring things like paying the mortgage and working need to wait. Sometimes you do need to save before you go, but it’s time to leave a job and live a little, before going back to work and getting back into a routine that fits what you’ve become. Will you regret upping and leaving? Probably not!

There are many ways of traveling, too. You don’t need to travel the world to get on the road. You might buy a motorcycle and do tours of your state or region, going a little further and further with each trip. Or you might decide you will ride a horse across every continent. I mean, there’s something out there for everyone!!

My article on the best midlife crisis trips will be coming soon

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