12 Cool Ways to Deal With What Might Be a Midlife Crisis, Part 1

So, you were moving along quite happily in your life and then BOOM! You can’t sleep, you can’t seem to stand your life anymore, and something has got to give. Does this sound familiar? It can happen at any time after the age of 40.

Yes—if you’re finding yourself flirting with people 20 years younger than you; taking up extreme sports; wanting a simpler life; looking up old boyfriends or girlfriends on Facebook; reminiscing about your childhood all darn day; suddenly taking up the guitar; dyeing your hair; thinking about quitting a good job; thinking about joining a new church or changing your religion; getting distracted really easily, or, heaven forbid, thinking about death—you may be smack-bang in the middle of a “midlife”.

Sooooo. I have to admit straight out, that I’m all for making these midlife crises fun. So you’re feeling a bit rebellious…. So what! According to a poll of 1,000 people by Crown Clinic, a hair transplant center, a male midlife can last from three to ten years. Women’s midlife crises usually disappear after two to five. Who in the world wants to spend that long suffering?!

I’ve put this list together so your midlife can be as fun and as honest as possible: I see no benefit to pretending that this can’t be one of the best periods of our lives, as tumultuous and confusing as it might seem at first. As long as we don’t hurt anyone else….right? In fact, there is less harm caused by embracing this time and seeing how we can make it work for us and the people around us. Your happiness will most probably move out and touch others positively like a drop creates waves in a puddle.

So what have you wanted to do for years, but never had the nerve to do?

  1. Get a Tattoo

One guy I read about was a white-bread, conservative, Southern Baptist-raised dude who had never even stepped into a tattoo parlor in his life, but secretly harbored the desire to get something permanently etched on his body. He found himself approaching total strangers with tattoos and asking them about pain thresholds; researching hygiene and safety issues online; until one day, he was parked outside a parlor on a hot summer afternoon, wondering what on earth he had decided to get himself into.

Trying to look as if he did something like that every day, he discovered that this wasn’t the lair of a group of Hell’s Angels at all, but quite a comfortable, professional environment.

“I’ll have part 2 of this coming out in a few days”  Thank You for reading!!!

For more, see Part 2!

12 Cool Ways to Deal With What Might be a Midlife Crisis, Part 2




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