Grilling Pizza is Very Simple

Pizza thrives on heat—lots of scorching heat to get that crust to spring into bubbly, blistered shape, to melt cheese, and to perform the too-many-to-count alchemical tasks required

to turn a disk of dough into basically the best food there is. Which is why the grill is a pizza’s best friend: It generates way more heat than most home ovens can, getting you closer

to the fiery conditions created by a proper pizzeria’s deck oven. We like to take it one step further by placing a ceramic pizza stone on our grill, letting it get wicked hot, and using that

as the platform for our smoky backyard pies. It harnesses and evens out all that obscene heat, kind of like the floor of a pro pizza oven, meaning you can throw down your

dough, top it, close the lid, and let the combo of direct and ambient heat work its magic, no flipping required. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll never say no to grill-marked pizzas cooked

right on the grates (keep reading for our pre-stone age method). However you do it, the deck is stacked for success: The sun is shining, you’ve got a bounty of summer produce at

your fingertips, and there’s ice-cold beer in the cooler. Happy summer.      Here is the visual learning tool all you visual learners need to be able to make your very own grilled pizza

with ease.

The method is slightly different to the methods we covered in our ultimate guide to grilling pizza, so check out that post, too.

This recipe involves making your own dough, and using a mixer. Our ultimate guide explains what to do if you don’t have one. Enjoy!

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