Ever Come Across A Motorcycle Club For Girls?

What Happens When Babes Ride Out?

Beginning four years ago, female bikers from across the country have gathered once a year to ride, bond and camp under the stars at the campground. Babes Ride Out, which started with 50 women, has grown to over 1,600 and is a strong network of female riders. Women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds come together: young millennials pierced and tattooed, Gen-X free-spirited professionals and baby boomers with years of riding under their belts.

Women who once might have found biker culture through men are now discovering it with other women.

With international women’s week this week, we thought we’d showcase some girl power and take a look at this female only motorcycle club. Babes Ride Out is a group of girls who love to ride. And they certainly do that! This video contains tantalizing imagery and naughty language, beware.

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