Genius Packing Tips

A vacation can range anywhere from a dream to a nightmare. While some of that depends on circumstance, there’s plenty you can do to make your travel easier, more efficient, and more fun. Here are our top 10 favorite tips, tricks, and hacks to help make your next trip really great.  A well-packed bag is one of the best ways to make traveling quite a bit more comfortable. If your stuff takes up less space, you can take a smaller bag—which is especially useful if you’re flying and don’t want to check your luggage—or you can just leave room for anything you might buy on your trip. Either way, it helps to know how to pack like a flight attendant. They fly all the time, so they’ve learned to be efficient. For the most part it involves rolling your clothing to fit more and avoid wrinkles, along with packing items in the most efficient order. If that’s not your style, you can always try the bundled wrapping method or take some tips from author and world traveler

Genius, I tell you. You’ll never pack the same way again! Check out the video below.


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