How Foodies and Travelers are created;Kids Report from Bangkok, Thailand

The younger generation is particularly interested in culinary travel, with 88 percent of millennials having participated in food-related experiences while vacationing, outpacing members of Generation X and Baby Boomers. In fact, 43 percent of AAA travel agents report a recent increase in the number of members planning culinary-focused vacations, with most planning foodie trips to Italy, France and Spain. Ironically, however, travel agents also say that one of the top mistakes travelers make when preparing for an international trip is not planning their meals and activities in advance.  This video, a couple of kids try Thai iced tea, quails eggs, garlic bread on a stick, explore the markets in Bangkok. and Thailand and do a good job!  Foodies, Travelers and Backpackers are created at a very young age these days!…..check it out

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