Native Edibles From New Zealand

The Maori are indigenous Polynesian people from New Zealand. They arrived there in stages as they made canoe voyages around 1250-1300 CE (AD). With several centuries of isolation, they developed their own unique culture and a new horticulture flourished due to plants they introduced to the islands.  The Maori brought the kumara and taro to New Zealand. Without these plants they would have been hard put to it for vegetable foods. Apart from fern root, New Zealand yielded little in the way of fruits or of plants which could be cultivated, harvested, and stored. Laborious and often lengthy processing was necessary to make the native plants edible, but even so several plants were utilised.

Ever wondered what people used to eat over there? In this video, an American couple, Daven and Michelle, explore a Maori food trail and get stuck into some native edibles and traditional Maori foods. Enjoy!


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