The First Man to Cross the Atlantic on a Stand-up Paddle Board

Early this morning, Chris Bertish made world history by becoming the first person to SUP across the Atlantic Ocean, hitting land in Antigua after 93 days alone at sea to complete a monumental journey many thought he’d never make and perhaps nobody will ever match.

The South African big wave surfer and ocean adventurer left Morocco on December 6 in a custom-built stand up paddle board that would become his home for the next three months.

The extraordinary crossing was solo and unsupported. Bertish had to battle the elements along with the extreme mental and physical requirements of paddling 12-16 hours per day and sleeping in a confined space, not to mention the weight of having to carry 13 weeks worth of food and supplies along for the ride. He did the crossing entirely for charity.

Bertish reached English Harbor on the south coast of Antigua shortly after 8am on Thursday March 9. He covered more than 6500 kms (4050 miles) at an average pace of 70km (44 miles) every day.

For some context, that’s equivalent to paddling 12 miles further than the infamous Molokai Channel every single day for three months non-stop.

What’s the craziest part of this? Now that he’s reached the Caribbean and already completed his mission of paddling across the Atlantic, Bertish wants to continue north to Florida if the weather permits, which would add another 1,000 miles of open ocean paddling to his route (this was the original plan anyway, we’ll await updates–nobody could blame the guy for taking a break in the Caribbean).

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