“…..esa es la Cuba que quiero conocer” – A Cuba We’ve All Seen Before

Seventy-six-year-old Cuban street musician Miguel Del Morales, known as El Gallo (The Rooster), travels around Cuba with his guitar, making music in the homes of friends, in bars, and on street corners, in courtyards and stairwells. His rich voice, colored by a lifetime of cigarettes and rum, weathered by the sun and rain, bespeaks the joys and sufferings of his countrymen. An urban troubadour, Del Morales has been called “a living memory of Cuban bolero.”    This is a joyful and uninhibited journey into Cuba’s musical soul. The film follows Del Morales, a 76 year-old troubadour known as he wanders the country meeting people of all persuasions who share the passion of music that is central to the life and dreams of the Cuban People. Check out this wonderful video,…”gives me the chills listening to this!”

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