The Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and Everything You Need to Know About This Beautiful Land

In recent years, Croatia has blossomed as one of Europe’s hottest new destinations, and Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian Coast have become two of the country’s most sought-after escapes. The city’s marble streets and historic 16th-century battlements are a picturesque reminder of a complex cultural heritage.

The Dalmatian coast can be enjoyed at any time of the year, but June through August is the most popular time of year. In recent years, Croatia has blossomed into one of Europe´s hottest destinations, and there is plenty to do and see there, including meeting a few Dalmatians! Check out the video!


Sailing The Adriatic Sea – The Croatian Coast, Part 3 – “The Food”

Sailing the Adriatic Sea-The Croatian Coast; Part 1

Sailing The Adriatic Sea – The Croatian Coast, Part 2

Top Things to Do in Croatia (No. 1 Sample the Wine!)




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