CUBA ,their new promotional video

CUBA has a new promotional video out to show how “unchanged” its been since the New Years Revolution of 1959.  When sanctions are lifted, as they have been, i’m afraid the flood gates will open and change the untouched beauty of the back in time feel that you will have when visiting. I’d like to visit Cuba before the vacation companies, hotel chains, and every other “money grabbing company” get their hands on it. Cuba is known as “The Queen” of the Caribbean because of how big the island is in comparison to the other Caribbean islands, so I think it would take many many years for the whole island to become a “tourist trap” kind of island, at least it won’t happen in my lifetime anyway. With this new promotional video they are trying to develop a tourist market, check it out, what are your thoughts?  In the mean time I  hope to be sailing there soon!!!

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