Sailing The Adriatic Sea – The Croatian Coast, Part 2

Hey! Welcome back. Last time we looked at the main coastal cities of Croatia, and now it´s time to look at its beaches and anchorages. Ready to lie in some heavenly and interesting places? Let´s get to it!*

The Beaches

Croatia has a wide range of beach experiences you can enjoy, and a lot of them! Croatia is almost 18,000 km of coastline, and that´s not even counting the 1246 islands that lie scattered just off the coast!


File:Hotels Pelegrin and Kupari (Kupari Croatia) 1.jpg

Kupari has a hint of the post-apocalytic, as it was the holiday resort of the Yugoslav Peoples´Army! It was damaged during the 1991-95 war and has lain derelict ever since! It´s one of the Dubrovnik region´s most pretty beaches. It´s shingly and a little sandy.

Sunj Bay, Lopud Island

File:Lopud Island coast.JPG

If you´re sailing around this region, this graceful, fine shingly beach has an informal beach bar and makes for a nice stop on your way. It lies to the Northwest of Kupari, not too far from the coast.

Proizd, Near Korcula Island

Croatia-02091 - Sveti Andrija Lighthouse.jpg

As you approach this islet, it looks like your average Adriatic hump of pine trees and maquis, but it´s actually one of the most alluring sunbathing and skinny-dipping desinations, with a trio of dramatic ¨beaches¨ consisting of rock slabs and clear blue waters.

Zlatni Rat, Brac Island

Zlatni Rat, or ¨Golden Cape¨ is the poster boy of Dalmatian beaches, and shaped like a shingly tongue extending out into a fine, clear, shallow blue sea.

Grebisce, Hvar Island

Finally, a sandy beach that´s soft and silky underfoot! Though this beach has little shade and is on the narrow side, the bay is shallow and great for kids to splash around in.

Uvala Dubovica, Hvar Island

This broad, pebbly beach right beside a historic manor house has a shallow bay that´s also nice for paddling with the family, and it´s not brilliantly accessible, so it never gets crowded.

Lovrecina Bay, Brac Island

With its sandy shore and translucent waters, Lovrecina Bay has a ruined medieval church sitting among olive trees and would be the perfect place for a quiet picnic.

Bacvice, Split

Bacvice beach is a family beach and the spiritual home of picigin, a sport that involves leaping around trying to prevent a small ball from hitting the water. It´s a busy social hub with plenty of atmosphere and a pleasure pavilion packed with cafes.


This beach is a long strip of sand that stretches away into the horizon. There are a few beach bars and mesmerizing views of the Velebit Mountains across the water. The reedy area behind the beach is rich in peloid mud, which bathers smear themselves in to cure sore joints and muscles.

Spiaza, Susak

If you need some sand, quick, this desert island has sand and almost nothing else! Spiaza is a majestic beach stretching out from Susak village to the sea. The bay is shallow, so it´s great for wading and splashing around but not really for swimming. If you want something quieter, Bok bay, to the east, is a lot less crowded because you have to walk around a rocky headland to make it there!


Since anchorage changes can happen at any time, it´s great to have a resource that you can refer to as you´re sailing, or before you set sail to plan your journey. This map and blog is one of the best resources Captain Gino has come across when it comes to changes in the area. This Google map also has a few details and the names of the anchorages in the region.

The ports of entry include Cavtat to the south, Ploce and Split. The fines for not entering Croatia at the first possible port of entry are high, the rules are very strict and everything is exceptionally well policed. Here´s more information on the regulations for sailors cruising the region, including all the ports of entry according to season.


There are big charter bases at Trogir and Split. Split also has an international airport, so you´re set whether you´re taking your boat or hiring one out for your vacation.

Ready to find out more about the culture and food of Croatia? You´ll be surprised at their typical dishes! See you in Part 3.


*Please note that not all photos are of each exact beach location.

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