Sailing From Colombia to Panama

Sailing from Panama to ColombiaSailing on a charter boat isn’t the most extreme of the options for crossing into Colombia, but it’s still an adventure. Flying seems to boring compared to 4-5 days of sailing through the San Blas Islands and open seas to Colombia, and as you’re cruising, you have plenty of time to enjoy the wonderful bounty this area of the world has to offer.  I smoked some amazing Cuban cigars and sipped on freshly squeezed tropical fruit and fresh seafood for dinner all while listening to Latin music and Salsa!

There’s something about Latin music that opens us up to the passionate, rich culture of the countries in Latin America. Especially when you’re in or on the sea, having the time of your life. Ah, what could be better than looking at the pretty blue ocean through a porthole or on deck, traveling on a huge sailing vessel like this one?

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