Changing Car Tires While Driving? Only in Saudi Arabia!

There’s no need to pull over to swap tires when you can just pop up on two wheels and keep on moving.

Well, at least in this instance. A video posted to YouTube appears to show a Toyota FJ Cruiser lifted on two wheels — which is only the beginning — as it gets considerably more insane after five people hop out of the car and start changing the tires.

This illegal sport, if it can be called that, is apparently referred to as hagwalah in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, and this latest video is just one of many we’ve seen.

This could be the most amazing or dumbest thing you see today. Watch and decide:

Driver-less Car Mercedes-Benz F 015


Captain Gino’s Motorcycle Tire Guide Part 1/2

Captain Gino’s Motorcycle Tire Guide Part 2/2










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