Can New Pizza Trend Help Small Pizzerias?

For those of you who are hearing of this phenomenon for the first time, let me give it to you hot out of the oven!  Cone shaped pizza is exactly what it sounds like: a crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside cone made out of pizza dough with all of your favorite toppings sizzling inside. It is a savory, mouth-watering creation that you must try.    The increasing popularity of this new take on pizza could quite possibly be due to the captivating trend of finding ‘healthy alternatives’ to almost every food ever made. The pizza cone has half the calories than your typical slice,………Yes,  I said half the calories!!     If pizza is made the correct way, by using the original ingredients, flour, tomatoes, and (Buffalo) mozzarella cheese, the amount of calories could be the same as if you were to drink a 10oz glass of Orange Juice.  Pizza today seems to have lost its way, every where you turn there is pizza advertised, TV, radio, billboards, ……etc……..  What i’m trying to say is that there is stiff competition and it causes pizza chains, and neighborhood pizzerias to try and make their flavor stand out at the expense of the consumers health.  In some pizza there is more than enough salt and sugar in the dough and sauce, than your body organs can handle, and as for cheese, some pizzas use a blend of cheddar and mozzarella which might taste good to some, but no one tells you about the calories you’re consuming!  Here’s a video made by Konopizza of how to make a Pizza Cone.   After the video I’ve included a traditional  Margarita Pizza Recipe that if you were to use it for making pizza cones, each cone would only have 110 Calories.



3 1/2 to 4 cups Caputo flour Tipo “00”
1 envelope instant dry yeast
2 teaspoons kosher salt
1 1/2 cups water at room temperature


28oz can of San Marzano Whole peeled Tomatoes  (In a large bowl empty one can and use your hands to crush the tomatoes until it becomes sauce) remove excess tomato skin and hard pieces that were attached to it. Once it looks and feels like sauce, add the following ingredients and mix well with a spoon.

1/4 teaspoon fresh ground pepper

1/2 teaspoon Kosher salt

1 teaspoon oregano

2 tablespoons vinegar or lemon


    1. Combine the Caputo flour, yeast, and salt in the bowl, then add the water.  Mix with your hands until the dough forms into one mass. If the dough is sticky, add additional flour, 1 tablespoon at a time, until the dough comes together in a solid ball. If the dough is too dry, add additional water, 1 tablespoon at a time.
    2. Weigh the one mass of dough and on a calculator divide the amount by 5.  you then cut 5 equal peices from the mass and roll them up into individual balls.  Let the balls sit for two hours (room temperature) for them to rise.
    3. While the dough is rising, cover 5 to 10 ice cream cones (or cone-shaped Dixie cups) with foil; spray with nonstick cooking spray. These will be used to reinforce your pizza dough into a cone shape while baking.
    4. Once the dough is finished rising, cut it into strips or semicircles to begin covering the foil-covered cones. Start by folding the dough over the bottom of the cone, and work your way up to the top, smoothing the dough over the entire surface and creating a minimal overlap to ensure all seams are covered.
    5. Place the cones open side down on to an unlined baking sheet, and cook at 450°F for 6 to 8 minutes, until you see the cones begin to solidify their shape and the color is slightly starting to brown.
    6. Remove the cones from the oven, and carefully remove the foil-lined ice cream cones (or cone-shaped Dixie cups) from the inside of your pizza cone. Now begin to fill each cone with your personalized pizza cone ingredients. Layer fresh mozzarella cheese, then sauce mixed with any toppings you’d like to include in layers throughout the cone. Add some extra mozzarella to the top of the cone.
    7. Place your filled pizza cones in an oven-safe mug, glassware, or a specialized rack that can hold them upright, and bake for an additional 4 to 5 minutes on 450°F, or until the cheese is melted and cones are golden brown. Serve hot.

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