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“Little Floyd, Little Heineken & Some Sailing in The Atlantic, Nothing Like It!” says CaptainGino

Sailing technical blog. Hints and tips for cruising sailors exploring the world by sailboat.      Your initial “nest egg”, purchase price of your boat, and subsequent size of your cruising kitty all play a role in determining how much it will cost you per month to cruise and how long you can stay “out there”. If you sell your home for $200k and spend $150k of the proceeds on a boat, the remaining $50k kitty will expire pretty quickly. Conversely, if you purchase a $50k boat and have $150k remaining in the kitty, your cruising window is opened much further. One thing I can fairly confidently say will keep you tied to the dock is debt. Pay off and sell off what you have on land. Trust me, they made more than one house like yours and plenty of SUV’s to go around, so you can always get another when you swallow the anchor.   Check out this link about budgeting for a cruise!

Source: Budget for Cruising | Sailing Blog – Technical Hints and Tips – Sailing Videos 

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