French Boys On Royal Enfield Motorcycles

French Boys and Their Bikes

Bikers look mean, kinda. But often they’re quite the opposite. And do they love their lifestyle. And it’s easy to see why. Out on the open road, seeing the world with the wind in your hair, using less fuel than any car, with friends. And, well, looking cool on their Royal Enfields!   Royal Enfield India manufactures and sells in India, and also exports to Europe as well as the Americas, South Africa and Australia. They recently entered the Indonesian market.  Recently Royal Enfield has undergone a major retooling particularly in the engine department going from carburated cast-iron engines to twin spark unit construction engines on all its models, with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) available on their flagship 500 cc model. The major redesign has sparked such a demand for the bikes that Royal Enfield have started double shifts at their plants.


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