How Easy It Is To Book A Getaway: Backpacking/Camping/Fishing in South FL

The winter was long, wasn’t it?

I needed a quick, cheap travel getaway after all that darkness.

So I hit the road.

And I wanted to quickly show you just how easy it is to put together a travel adventure that is very affordable, and do it all online in a jiffy.

You don’t have to be an adventurer to get out in the wildness for a few days, of course. And what’s more, you can find awesome deals that may look too good to be true at first glance, but actually are true!

Here’s how I did it, and you can do it too 🙂

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Texting The Buddies

So I texted a few buddies that I thought might like to drop everything and come with me on one of my wacky adventures.

They were game!


A 5-Day Vacation

And I figured five days would be a nice amount of time to disappear for a little while.

As I assembled my “travel team”, my task was to get online to figure out our itinerary—and book, flights, hotels/motels, car rentals, national parks, and boat charters.

It’s so great that everything is at your fingertips now, and you never have to leave the comfort of your home or boat to put together a 5-day adventure like this.

Its also nice that businesses online are experiencing tough competition: trying to out-do each other with deals for the consumer.

So almost everything you’re looking at is very affordable.

First thing to book?

Airline tickets

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I found a round trip ticket on Spirit Air for $77. I immediately thought, “Does this flight come with parachutes?” It was a no-brainer.

I ordered three for a total of $270 (which we split between us), departing Wednesday, and returning Monday.


Next, where are we staying?

I Googled hotels in The Florida Keys and started to explore, and low-and-behold, Siesta Motel a 2-star place for only $79 per night showed up.

The reviews were not bad at all.

I booked our week for $250.


Now our transportation!

I found a great deal on and booked a pickup with a cab on it for $20 per day which came out to $275 including insurance, tolls, and all the necessary evils that go with renting a car.

A Fishing Charter

OK, so now we’re 75% of the way there…

But now we need a fishing charter.

I Googled “fishing in Florida”, and, Bang!!! gave me a host of choices and we picked SeaDog Charters for $60 per person per day and it ended up costing us a total of $200 for one day of fishing. We didn’t catch anything quite as unruly as this, though:

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Haha. I always recommend taking your own fishing gear. This resource is great for sourcing it.

A Cool Seafood Festival

While booking this itinerary I ran across a festival that was happening the week of our trip, so we planned on camping in the Everglades where this Seafood festival was scheduled.

What an amazing time we had there!

They had every kind of food under the sun and anything you needed for camping on their campgrounds.

Dry Tortuga Island

We now needed one more thing to do on our last day, so we booked a trip to Dry Tortuga Island, which has National Park Fort Jefferson.

It is an amazing place to visit, to say the least!









Almost 150 years ago, they decided to build a Civil War Prison on this beautiful island.

It was chosen for the strategic location of the US and Gulf of Mexico for The Union Army!

I can tell you that the history, and mystique of this place could be felt upon our arrival.

Pure gold, for a history or civil war buff.

A Video For You

I put together a 4 minute video for you of our travel adventure…

Which only cost us $700 each, from start to finish, including food and drink!

Check it out for the views, the food, the boat, the festival, the beach, the campsite, and me smoking a cigar, of course!

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