Are Sailboats Too Small to Live On?

Living The Minimalist Way

Have you ever wondered how people who live on very small boats manage? Where do they put all their belongings, for example, you might ask. You can fit your boat out as luxuriously as you like, for course, but is it restrictive to live in such a small space?

When Teresa Carey lost most of her possessions in a house fire years ago, she felt liberated.  “I didn’t miss a thing. It was almost like a burden lifted off my shoulders.”

This was the first step toward a more minimalist lifestyle. The second motivating catalyst was her decision to live aboard her sailboat. Before making the move she began to downsize her stuff keeping only what would fit in her car. When she finally made her move to her 27 foot sloop she had given away or sold the majority of her belongings.

Teresa lives on her sailboat Daphne with no flush toilet or shower, an icebox for a refrigerator, no television and few electronics. She doesn’t see it as a sacrifice, but as an opportunity to live a bigger life unfettered by her possessions.

Here’s a short video about Teresa,  What’s her life like? Liberating, as she explains.


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  • Very cool. Many years ago I had a 28 footer that I lived on. At that stage of my life everything I owned fit in my Austin Healy Bugeye Sprite. Best time of my life.

  • awesome! you will never regret it. for scuba.

  • From the UK to the West Indies I was often sailing single-handed and later with my partner we sailed in Home and Continental waters accompanied by her small dog. The boat was a Rival 34 and we organised the boat so that we lived very comfortably. We showered ashore whenever we could, wined and dined elegantly either in the cockpit or below and missed the life-style desperately when circumstances ashore forced us to stop. There’s nothing quite like a life on the water. I guess its the freedom of being able to work the wind and tides in one’s favour, and the satisfaction of arriving where you want to be and when it suits you. There’s nothing quite like it.

  • […] Check out this girl, who lives on her tiny, tiny boat, Daphne. She has next to nothing, and yet you can see how happy and free she feels every day. That’s what I’m talking about. Also, these people look happy, don’t you think? […]