The Bicycle of the Seas; Cool Concept!…..but would you pay $2,500.00 for one?

BICYCLE OF THE SEAS :  Hobie released the world’s first leg-powered stand up board, based on the stand up paddle board, in April of last year. Since then the Hobie Mirage Eclipse has become the hottest release in its long history. I’ve included two videos, the first one is the actual publicity/marketing video to sell this sea cycle. It shows how easy it is to ride and how it can be used for leisure or exercise, and the 2nd video shows an actual real demonstration by a “consumer report” type who shows the quick pluses and minuses of this cycle, not to mention that they’re $2,500.00 a piece!!!!   would you have this on your vessel or boat?   would or could you use this in place of your dingy?  what are your thoughts?


Why Stand on your Hoverboard, When You Can Do This Instead!!


Travel with a Transparent Kayak and See Amazing Sea Life





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