Captain Gino’s Beers of the Caribbean (Part 1)

Every island in the Caribbean featured here on has isn’t own unique, thirst-quenching beer or stout for you to try while sailing around or visiting the Caribbean. They’re brewed right there on the islands, and some have a fascinating history. There are also a number of new beers to sample and enjoy while dining out or on the beach.

So what are fans of artisan, specialty and micro-brewery lagers and stouts actually eating and drinking? Let’s find out!

Turks and Caicos – The Beer

The Turk’s Head Island Draught is one of the best options on the island, and comes in two varieties: dark amber, and pale-yellow lager. The paler version is lower in calories, for those watching their weight, and the amber beer is medium-bodied, and reddish when poured into a chilled glass. You’ll experience its caramel note, with hints of fruity gingerbread.

What to Pair It With

Conch Salad or Fritters, Peas ‘N’ Grits, “Penn On” or Whelk Soup.


Whelk Soup                                                                    Peas and Grits



The Virgin Islands

If you like the fruity mango aromas and a strong after bite, Virgin Islands beer is perfect for you. The brewery has some impressive, award-winning beers. The Virgin Islands Ale is made on St. Johns and it’s a sweet beer that might just go very well with a slice of chocolate cheesecake.

The St. John Brewers Island Summer Ale can be found on the Virgin Islands all year round, as well as on the US mainland between April and August. They have a diverse collection of different beers.

Fish Head Curry

Blackbeard Ale is an English Pale Ale but it has enough bit to be worth a try. When you crack open the bottle, you might even get a whiff of rum, but it pours a deep amber and has malt up front, with hints of nutmeg waiting for you at the back of the palate. It’s perfect for a beach bonfire as the evening sets in, drinking slowly and with a relatively low alcohol content, ideal for a long evening by the water or when out enjoying a meal with the family.

What to Pair It With

Pair Virgin Islands beer with cake or BBQ chicken and ribs with corn on the cob. Blackbeard Ale works well on its own, or with cheese, beef, lamb and fall veggies like squash and root vegetables.


Trinidad and Tobago

Carib Lager is made with an old recipe and was first bottled in the 1950s. It’s the official beer of Trinidad and Tobago and left to ferment for longer than most beers at a cool temperature, creating a thick brew with a golden color.

Stag Lager is also made by Carib Breweries, and it’s crisp and fresh, easy-to-drink qualities make it satisfying for any occasion. Both beers are iconic on these beautiful islands.

Bake and Shark Caribbean Street Food

Both beers go well with the local “Bake and Shark”, a traditional dish consisting of fried flatbread and shark meat topped with white garlic or other types of sauce.


St. Vincent & The Grenadines

St. Vincent Brewery has been brewing Hairoun beer since 1985, and it’s now the national beer. Served chilled but not too chilly, this smooth, crisp beer retains its flavor perfectly, as well as its clear golden appearance.

Saint Vincents Hairoun Beer

What to Pair It With

Enjoy your Hairoun with a traditional chicken dish, rice and peas; lambi (queen conch) or kingfish, fresh lobster, flying fish or mahi mahi. If you’re on St. Vincent’s west coast village, Barrouaillie, and you’re feeling a little daring, check out the pilot whale (or “black fish”), a local delicacy.

Freshly Sliced Black Fish


St. Lucia

On St. Lucia, they harvest the local maize and use it to create the unique flavor of Piton beer by Windward & Leeward Brewery Limited. It has a sweet, crisp taste with floral accents.

Saint Lucias Piton Beer


What to Pair It With

An ocean view and some hearty roast pork! And if you’re out and fancy a snack, why not pair it with Roti: unleavened Indian-style bread stuffed with curried meat and veggies.


St. Kitts and Nevis

Skol Beer is light-bodied, fruity and low in alcohol; slightly sweet and pours a very pale yellow with few suds. Stag and Carib beer is also brewed on St. Kitts, so check them all out and see which you prefer.

What to Pair It With

Goat Water Stew! Or Roti, Pelau, Soused Conch, Crab Back or Rock Lobster.

Lamb Roti Rolls

So Much to Try!

Are your taste buds tingling? Beer is one of the most refreshing beverages to drink while visiting the Caribbean, where the sun, sea and sand will certainly help you work up a thirst. And what could be more fun than a beer-tasting session? Join me soon for part 2 of refreshing beers of The Caribbean!!     Ahoy and Enjoy!!

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