Learn the Beers of The Caribbean with Captain Gino (Part 2)

Here we continue our journey through the Caribbean, and looking at what local delicacies are on offer!

Puerto Rico – The Beers



Medalla Light is brewed in Puerto Rico and as bubbly as you like. It’s light, pale and was awarded the 1st prize in 2005 in the light beer category by Monde Selectionin Brussels. If this beer, which has notes of corn and a somewhat grassy aftertaste, doesn’t do it for you, this brewery – Compañía Cervecera de Puerto Rico, also produces two more thirst-quenching beers, Silver Key and Magna.

What to Pair It With

Mofongo! Go on, get your plaintain balls on.




Martinique – The Beers

Biere Lorraine was developed by a Frenchman who learned his craft in the Lorraine region of France before heading out to Martinique and launching this beer in 1919. It’s light-bodied, with a wet grassy sort of taste, a bitter aftertaste, and a floral aroma and a thin texture. Is this an acquired taste? Find out on this beautiful island!


What to Pair It With

This beer goes perfectly with Acras, Blaff, Z’habitat, Lambi, or Féroce – local dishes we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

                      Blaff                                                             Z’habitat                                                     Feroce



Jamaica – The Beers


Jamaica is home to the famous Red Stripe, with you can find all over the place, but this pale lager from Desnoes & Geddes is certainly worth enjoying on the beach, in Jamaica! This beer combines malted grain taken from Canada, UK and France, and some hops from Yakima Valley, USA, so it certainly has some international qualities. It’s clean, refreshing flavor makes it very easy to drink.

Kingston Brewery on Spanish Town Road allows you to Sample them

  Strangely, it was first brewed in 1928 as a dark ale, but the recipe changed in 1934 to include a double fermentation process. To find out more, why not visit the downtown Kingston brewery on Spanish Town Road and do a tour. Just check out Desnoes & Geddes website for details.


If you’ve guzzled too much and would like to try something different, pick up a Kingston 62 (A.K.A. Kingston Beer). This pale beer is perfect for watching the lapping waters of Montego Bay.

What to Pair It With

Jerk chicken with roasted breadfruit.


The Cayman Islands – The Beers


Ready for something a bit different? Ironshore Bock is nothing like the Caribbean beer you find elsewhere. It’s smooth and strong at 7%, with a sharp flavor and rich, roast coffee aftertaste, made with dark German malt. It is made with hops from Washington’s Cascade Mountains.

345 Stout, with its dark cocoa color, is distilled with aromatic malts, and available on tap.

The Cayman Islands Brewery has earned rave reviews for its tasty beverages, like Caybrew, a pale-yellow lager with a trace of vanilla and CayLight, which contains fewer calories.

For anyone who likes to protect the environment and donate to a good cause will enjoy White Tip Lager. 5c are donated to the Cayman Department of Environment’s “Save our Seas” marine project and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

What to Pair It With

Buccaneer Turtle Steak, without a doubt.



The Bahamas – The Beers

Bahamian dogs like their beer too!

Kalik is the national beer of the Bahamas and gives a strong kick at 7%. It has a corny, lemony smell and a nice head, which sits over a golden body. Half of all the beer consumed on the islands is Kalik, and it won three consecutive Gold Medals from Monde Selection.

If you’re craving something  a little lighter, there’s Kalik Light and Kalik Regular available for you, which are also made by Commonwealth Brewing Ltd.

And if something darker is what you need, try the full-bodied, smooth, rich Strong Back Stout on Grand Bahama Island. It’s actually mostly made and drunk by women!

What to Pair It With

Conch fritters.


 Haiti – The Beers

Prestige is a heavy, malty beer served in cans now and traditional glass bottles that date back to the 70s. It won the gold medal in 2000 at the World Beer Cup for American-style larger, and then again in 2012. It’s brewed at the country’s only brewery, the Brasserie Nationale d’Haiti, which is actually owned by Danish expats. It’s light blonde in color.

What to Pair It With

Griot (fried pork) with rice and beans.




Corsaire Biere is bottled with a golden foil wrapper and a pirate-themed label. It has a citrus flavor and a bitter, herbal taste.

What to Pair It With

Matete, a hot crab curry; Blaff, seafood cooked in a seasoned soup; Callaloo, a soup made with bacon and spinach-like greens; stuffed crab; lobster; or Ouassou, spring water shrimp.



Where Will You Head Next?

We’ve almost finished out frothy stout and largery tour of the Caribbean. Don’t miss the final part of this series, when we’ll be covering the Dominican, Dominica, Curacao, Cuba and many more islands – and of course, their beers.

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