A Beautiful Boat Show

The Miami Boat Show has been in existence for 75 years, and every year we see new technology being introduced which make these yachts floating castles or mansions. Most of these yachts are in the multi-millions of dollars and take crews of more than 50 people for their up keep, and maintenance.  I imaging how different it would be to owning one of these beauties as opposed to my 40 foot catamaran which is in itself a bit of a project. I also wonder why I come to these shows, because I will never own a yacht that is over $500,000 anyway,….why do I beat myself up………Ogling the beautiful vessels at boat shows might be something you enjoy. Sailor and boat lover heaven! Here’s some wicked shots of Miami, and the boats, of course.

Yacht Show Monaco-Style

Dancing on a Sailboat with Beautiful Woman; Billionaires Having Fun

Catamaran Buying Tips!





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