Alaska to Argentina in 500 Days Modern Day Motorcycle Diaries

500 Days Holiday Anyone?

If you’ve ever dreamed about travelling around the world, you will love this video by Alex Chacon, a 25-year-old from El Paso Texas.

Chacon made a 500-day motorbike journey on his own, from Alaska, to the southern tip of Argentina, and filmed much of it by placing GoPro cameras on his helmet and on the side of his bike.

The 10-minute video that sums up the trip, has gone viral on youtube. It has been posted on several websites, including Chacon’s own blog, and gives us some awesome views of the Patagonia, the deserts of the American west, snowy Andean mountain passes and muddy Amazonian roads. The shots just make you want to go to these places yourself. But the story behind this video and this trip, is also quite inspiring.

Chacon, a dual citizen of Mexico and the U.S, left his hometown in January of 2011, shortly after he had finished a degree in BioMedical Sciences at the University of Texas. He had little money, and only enough funds to travel for 6 months. But that stretched to almost two years of traveling, as the El Paso native found numerous to ways to get by.

First Chacon learnt to live cheaply, camping out in parking lots and eating canned foods. He used social networks like Couchsurfing to get free accommodation with locals through the journey, and as he made his way down Central America, people who became fans of his “mission,” started to help him out, by giving him food, money and free gas. Chacon documented it all in a blog called Expedition South, through which he updated a growing number of online fans about his travels . This exposure eventually helped him to secure small donations from Kawasaki, -which gave him $1,000 for a new bike- and GoPro a camera company.

I wonder if long trips hurt riders’ behinds! This guy is so dedicated. Watch him go through bodies of water, dancing on the bike, doing tricks in the desert, and the amazing views. Unbelievable.


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