Learn a little bit about the captain…


“All you’re doing is switching gears and flying through the wind!” —CaptainGino on riding motorcycles

For a moment, picture a beautiful, sunny day. The sky is peppered with soft, fluffy clouds, the light illuminates everything around you like on gorgeous summer days, when the air is still and everyone seems to be in a good mood. This is Captain Gino’s home!



Captain Gino has sailed off the coasts of Italy, California, Spain, France and all over the Caribbean. But only in near-perfect conditions. As he says, “If I can’t take my shirt off and smoke a cigar when I’m sailing, I ain’t sailin’.” Did we catch him on a bad day? No – he just passionately believes that life should be easy. A breeze. And sailing, of course, should be pleasurable.


“If I can’t take my shirt off and smoke a cigar when I’m sailing, I ain’t sailing!”—CaptainGino on Sailing!

Captain Gino comes from a long line of warm, friendly, larger-than-life characters born and raised in southern Italy, who enjoy all the good things life has to offer – and why wouldn’t they? Isn’t this option open to all of us? To enjoy good, fresh, homemade food from across the world, relax in the sun with family and friends, get out on the water and feel the gentle breeze on our skin, or set out with a group of great people on a pleasure ride on a motorcycle. If you haven’t experienced any of these pleasures, don’t worry, Gino plans to inspire you enough to get you heading in that direction. He might even invite you to sail with him.

Gino is a licensed captain and has been sailing his heart out for over 25 years. Why did he become a captain? For the love of taking others out onto the water. And now he can, because he’s licensed to sail 100 ton vessels.

Captain Gino speaks Italian, Spanish and English fluently, but he dreams of learning enough French to be able to enjoy chatting to more Caribbean people and do loops around their dream-like islands more frequently.

“When you’re there, you just want to lay back and let time go!”—CaptainGino on sailing!

When Gino isn’t sailing, he’s loving the onshore breeze while on his Indian or Harley, taking in the views and some classic rock. He’s amused by how most people view motorcycle riders, saying that most people that don’t ride think that motorcyclists are going to go and thump someone or do some crazy thing like that. Motorcycle riders run the gamut – there are lawyers, plumbers: people from all walks of life. They don’t care what you do, as far as what line of work you are in. They say, ‘if you ride, that’s good enough for us’.”

Let’s not get Gino wrong: he’s your quintessential lavoratore (he ain’t work-shy). But this is the dream he’s living: getting out early in the day when the weather’s perfect and feeling the breeze. And with more and more people realizing that they can work online and enjoy a more mobile lifestyle, the world is not only Gino’s fresh oyster, but yours, too. Where will Captain Gino go next? And will you wave to him from a sun lounger as he sails by?

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