A stray doggy bounces happily along to a Latin rhythm – but is there a darker side to his peppy dance?

A stray dog bouncing along to the beat of some cumba-style reggae music has gone viral thanks to the skinny dog’s Latin-infused moves.

The dog, who apparently is homeless, appears to be listening to the music blaring out of a nearby black car, though it’s unclear where the video was filmed.

The dog’s bounces seem perfectly timed to the salsa-infused music coming from the car stereo.

However, some aren’t amused. Commenters on Reddit say the dog looks like he survived distemper, which would have left him with involuntary ‘bouncing.’

It does seem that as soon as the music stops, the dogs stops his bouncing as well, and appears to walk off just fine.

Perhaps his involuntary ‘bouncing’ was triggered by the hot Latin tempo.

In canines, distemper impacts several body systems, including the gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts and the spinal cord and brain, with common symptoms that include high fever, eye inflammation and eye/nose discharge, labored breathing and coughing, vomiting and diarrhea, loss of appetite and lethargy, and hardening of nose and footpads. The viral infection can be accompanied by secondary bacterial infections and can present eventual serious neurological symptoms.

Critics of the video say the dog survived distemper, but he walks off okay – perhaps his spasms were temporary, or the dog really may have been dancing?


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