22 Road Construction Failures Completely Lacking Common Sense


Most of the time everything goes according to plan, but sometimes the plan just doesn’t make any sense, and sometimes someone just screws up. Check out these crazy fails.


Shomebody shucks at shpelling, shee? Sho shilly.


Someone must have been wrong; but was it the sidewalk guy or the parking lot guy?? Some things we just may never know.


**ssscccccrrrrappeeee** is the sound you’ll hear every morning and night when you go up and down your driveway.


We built this sidewalk for people to look at, not for walking!


It looks like he didn’t even break, so maybe the cement saved his life by slowing him down.

Sad Traffic Light


What purpose does it have in this world anymore??



Well, now you know where then next big pothole is going to be. At least it will be covered with a shovel!

Bike Haters


City Construction


Apparently no one stopped to think at any point during the early days of this city that having a train run down main street could cause some issues for people…

Secret Entrance


This is either a useless garage or a really poorly hidden secret entrance.

Troll Instructions


Even the fine looking gentleman here can identify a mistake when he sees one.

Stay Between the Lines


Actually, this is so messed up that if you just drive anywhere on here, chances are good that you’re between SOME pair of lines, so you’re fine.

Yoda Signs


And on the left, the sign says to turn right. Logic.

Train Ramp


Because obviously these ramps are for vehicles that drive on rails.

Plant Crossing


Because these plants obviously need a safe place to cross the road without getting run over!



They just painted right over that thing there, didn’t they?

Pole Here


How could you have crashed into it, I pointed it out with that arrow and everything!!



All they wanted to do was look at the stars for once, and it was just their luck that it was cloudy today.

Baked right In


Fortunately, this was just a prank. Boy would someone be in trouble if that really happened.

Union Job


Get into a bunch of reflective gear and go stand around some dug up piles of dirt, and everyone starts to think you’re a construction worker!

Construction Man


Construction comes with some serious risks, for instance theres a .01% chance that your arms will turn into pipes every day! This work isn’t for everyone.

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